Too much screen time? What about a podcast? These are designed for kids!

Tumble Science Podcasts for Kids: Meant to be enjoyed by the entire family, Lindsay Patterson and Marshall Escamilla “tell stories about science discoveries, with the help of scientists.” 

Brains On! is A science podcast for curious kids and adults from MPR News and KPCC. Co-hosted each week by kid scientists and reporters from public radio, we ask questions ranging from the science behind sneezing to how to translate the purr of cats and go wherever the answers take us.
Ear Snacks:  Andrew & Polly “make fun and smart music for children and families in Los Angeles and across the country”.  Aimed at young children, episodes have covered such topics as shadows, rain, beats, pairs, boxes, critters, disguises, balls, hats, and fruit.
Story Pirates: Story Pirates is a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisers, and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater.

Podcasts about Pets 

Eat Your Spanish! “Lesson 8: Pets/ Animals!” Ages 5-12: Bilingual musicians and former Montessori teachers Evan and Vanessa speak mainly in English but select a couple of Spanish words to practice based on a theme.

Extra BLURT Game Show “Extra BLURT: The Pets We Get” Ages 8-12: Extra Blurt is a fast-paced game show that tests your knowledge of a variety of popular kid-centric topics like sports, Harry Potter, outer space, pets, and much more.

This Podcast Has Fleas Episode 1: The Sleepover” Ages 5-12: This comedic, scripted podcast for kids includes professional actors, including Alec Baldwin, voicing household pets. The crux of the episodes usually pits Waffles the dog against Jones the cat, leaving other pet characters to choose sides.

Storynory Jana’s Studio Interview About Show Dogs” Ages 5-12: In this production for young kids, host Jana Elizabeth talks with Anita Mitchell, owner of show dogs Dolly and Mabel, both west highland white terriers.

Short & Curly “Pets, Pests and Farm Animals: Why Do We Value them Differently?” Ages 8 to 12: This Australian podcast takes on the challenge of explaining ethics and philosophy to kids and does so in engrossing ways.

Working Like Dogs Episode 165: Making the World a Safer Place” Ages 9-17: Podcaster Marcie Davis co-hosts this episode with her assistance dog, Lovey. She interviews people who work with all types of working dogs and share the best ways to care for them.

Working Slate “Working Classics: How Does the Aquarium Veterinarian Work?” Ages 9-17: Listen to veterinarian Leigh Clayton from Baltimore’s National Aquarium as she dives deep into the challenges of looking after over 1,500 animals.

Podcasts on the Coronavirus

The Show About Science: “The Coronavirus with Tara Smith”  Ages 5–12: Epidemiologist Tara C. Smith has studied infectious diseases for 20 years in the United States and around the globe.

FunKids Science Weekly: “Coronavirus Questions Answered & The Goblin Shark”   Ages 5–12: Host Dan is joined by friend-of-the-show Professor Lucy Rogers to separate fact from fiction when it comes to COVID-19.

Curious Kid Podcast: “Curious About Coronavirus” Ages 5–12: Hosts Jacob and six-year-old-Olivia discuss and learn about the coronavirus. Why does it have that name? Where did it come from? Why is it spreading so quickly? How can you protect yourself from the virus?

brains on! “Staying Home: How Social Distancing Helps Fight Coronavirus” Ages 5–12: In this episode, brains on! explains the strategy behind social distancing and flattening the curve. The hosts talk with a doctor on the front lines helping people get better and address questions including “Can our pets get sick too?”

Tumble: “Answering Kids’ Coronavirus Questions” (also available in Spanish) Ages 5–12: Coronavirus is scary and complicated for kids to understand. Tumble collected questions from listeners and in this episode, Dr. Juan Dumois, an infectious disease pediatrician, answers them and provides more information.

Tumble: “Where Do Viruses Come From?” Ages 5–12: How do animals get viruses and pass them on to humans? That’s what listener Ian wanted to know. Tumble explores the science of virology, the study of viruses.

brains on! “Understanding Coronavirus and How Germs Spread” Ages 8–12: It’s impossible to miss the news about coronavirus, but you probably still have lots of questions. In this episode, brains on! breaks down what we know about this new virus and tells you how to stay safe.

But Why? “Coronavirus For Kids, and The Science Of Soap” Ages 8–12: As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, the World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic. But Why answers questions about the virus with infectious disease doctor Krutika Kuppalli, who studies global pandemics.

Great list of Podcasts for Kids by category!