It is with great sadness that the Library community learned about the passing of Carsten Johnson, local historian and long-time friend of the Library, on Friday April 24, at the age of 76.

Carsten was the keeper of Pleasantville’s story. He cared deeply about local history and spent a lifetime documenting Pleasantville’s founding families, describing village architecture, and adding to the shared knowledge of the community’s collective past. He could be found at the local coffee shop, walking about town, or at the Library.

His relationship with the Library goes back many years, and up to about two years ago, Carsten was a daily visitor to the Library. He had many roles including curator for the Village and the Mount Pleasant Historical Society, but the Library was his home base. So much so that people with questions called the Library to track him down. Over the years he donated his research to the Library, suggested historically significant resources for the local history collection, and was always willing to assist the Library in helping people with local history inquiries. The Library honored Carsten as the Volunteer of the Year for his contributions, which also included presiding over the Better Book Room at the Library Friends’ book sales. In earlier years he could be found about town conducting walking tours, giving talks and slideshow presentations, and consulting on historical exhibits. Although a private person in many ways, Carsten knew everyone, and everyone knew him. Sadly, now a part of Pleasantville’s history, he will be greatly missed but not forgotten.

Click below to access local newspaper references to Carsten that are available to read through our digital archive.

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