Over the past 25 years my family and I have had several Labrador retrievers. Each of our pets have had their own personality. However, our chocolate lab, Torii was our most mischievous. One day when I arrived home from work I found Torii eating a box of brownie mix in the living room. Oh No George, written by Chris Haughton, is the story of a dog who wants to be good, but is tempted by lots of things. George redeems himself at the end of the story. Or does he? The children get to decide. It is one of my favorite stories because George reminds me of Torii. As a matter of fact, everything that George does in the story, Torii did at my house.

How many of you have a pet? What kinds of trouble does your pet get into?

My grandchildren had fun creating some dog and cat puppets. You can use a paper bag or a paper plate. The animal features can be drawn on or cut-out from construction paper.

A template can be found at http://www.busybeekidscrafts.com/