Hi everyone,

This weekend I started making face masks. Seemed like a good idea. I’ve heard that to prevent you from touching your face it’s a good idea to wear one. Luckily I have a sewing machine and a bunch of cotton material. If I had cotton jersey it might have been better because jersey is a stretchy fabric. But as long as your mouth and nose is covered it’s good. I used the simplest pattern that I could find. I didn’t put the extra pocket for the filter or paper towel; I didn’t make the kind with darts that crimp the sides up. And I didn’t even use elastic. I have elastic but this pattern just shows you how to make the cords to tie it with.

First you make the cord, which is simply 6cm wide strips of cloth folded and sewn. Then you make the template and cut out four pieces per mask. Then there is some sewing to do but it’s not a lot. You can even make the mask reversible. Could be stylish. Definitely is safe.

Below you will see some photos of the mask in progress, and then one of me when I went to deliver my parents some food. My mom is 90 and my dad is 88 but they are doing well. My dad thought I looked dangerous with the mask on. My mom was telling me how to make the mask better. She was thinking elastic. You can do it whichever way you want! I have included the pattern that I used, though, just in case you want to try it.  https://freesewing.org/docs/patterns/fu/

Please send comments and even photos of finished projects if you want, to me at abrandenberg@mountpleasantlibrary.org.